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• 2017 January 03: Sinet Logics Started MTech IEEE Research Projects
• 2017 January 02 Started hiring new Engineers .
• 2017 Jan 02: Release of CMS Software for Colleges with Mobile Support .
• Implimentation of Centre Automotive   Systems in SINET Centers
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  Sinet Logics
Sinet Logics is the software development  division of Swift Institute of Next Education and Technology, One of the  biggest information technologies training brand  established in south India.  Sinet Logics is a  leader and innovator in providing Outsourcing,  Technology & Consulting solutions.
  Our Vision
 Our stated vision is to be the primary strategic partner  for our customers and we believe that it is best achieved  by our focus strategy in designing specific solutions for  the industries we serve and creating the highest value for  our customers.
  Our Mission
We are dedicated to provide true solutions to our customers and help them to achieve their dreams come true , through innovative use of technology, support, service and customer Referrals or simply We solving dreams!
  Services Provide
 Software Development
 Software upgradation and Maintenance
 Database Maintenance
 Web Design and Development
 Search Engine Optimisation
 Domain Registration and Hosting

  Why Sinet Logics
 We always tries to create great value and productivity  gains for the clients by providing quality solution to  various business functions. We bring good experience in  information technology, customer service, and global  operations by continually combining our strategic  thinking  with the best in Technology, People, and  Process. Our  strengths include 1) 5+ years of experience  2) Good  infrastructure 3) Proven credentials with many  clients 4)  Experience with software product development  cycle 5)  Flexibility and adaptability.
Client List
             bssworld UAE           alinshagroup Chennai
             Almacargo KSA       Veldabattery India
             Jacobsbatteryhouse India
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     Software Development
     Software up gradation and Maintenance
     Database Maintenance
     Web Design and Development
     Search Engine Optimisation
     Domain Registration and Hosting
About us
Web Design and Development
Software Development
Domain Registration and Hosting
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